Youth Empowerment

Our Youth programs are tailored to provide training and job placement for youth from the ages of 14 - 21. We have serviced over 125 youth in job preparation training and obtaining employment. Our training has taken place during summer sessions and during the school year to assist students with career education and development. We have partnered thru the years with various facilities in the greater Flint area and in Pontiac as well. Below are just a few educational facilities and schools systems. We have partnered with:

  • Flint Community Schools
  • Pontiac School System
  • Genesee Intermediate School District
  • Salvation Army Youth
  • Metro Housing Unit

This program endeavors to be the answer to properly training youth at that critical stage. It is during this time where foundation can be laid to result in a committed, well-established and maintained strong work ethic. Issues addressed and remedied during training:

  • Not knowing how to complete job applications
  • Lack of interviewing skills
  • Immature attitudes and behavior
  • Lack of test taking skills
  • No resume / inadequate resume
  • Misrepresentation & Poor appearance
  • Applying for a job with a “friend” along
  • Insufficient training (i.e. Skills training, education)
  • Unrealistic wage demands
  • Continuously absent or late for work
  • No sense of responsibility
  • Not being flexible
  • Reputation of not being available
  • Inability to “get along with others”
  • Insistence on own concept of job
  • Lack of entry-level requirements